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SNES NES GameBoy Emulator for Android Phones

SNES Emulators apk

NESEMU is a Nintendo 8-bit NES emulator for the Google Android OS Phones.

Download NES Emulators

AndroidBoy - Gameboy Classic and Game Boy COLOR game emulator for G1, HTC Dream and other Android phones.

Gameboy Emulator


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Atardroid ATARi® Emulator for Android



The Atari 2600 is the original gaming console of all. This made history as the first mainstream console that became famous worldwide as it was used with more than 30 million televisions encased in wood panel during that time.

The console has more than seven million games sold, led by Space Invaders and Pac-Man. These games were also promoted as movie tie-ins.

To play the games, you need to use the single button controls and the D-pad. You can also put the game on hold because you can save it for next time. This is much more convenient than having to finish your game in one go.

It is Atari which is considered as the grandfather of home video gaming, which is already a top entertainment for kids and adults alike these days.

Systems you can emulate on Gameboy Advance.