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SNES NES GameBoy Emulator for Android Phones

SNES Emulators apk

NESEMU is a Nintendo 8-bit NES emulator for the Google Android OS Phones.

Download NES Emulators

AndroidBoy - Gameboy Classic and Game Boy COLOR game emulator for G1, HTC Dream and other Android phones.

Gameboy Emulator


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Playing PlayStation Titles on Your Android Phone

PSX4droid How-To Setup Guide

If you are interested in playing more games using your Android phone, it would be really helpful if you know how to use ROM emulators. They can help you revive the memories from old gaming systems and even play them on your Android device now. But if you are not that willing to learn how emulation works, you may be both happy and indifferent about the release of the PlayStation 1 emulator called psx4droid.

However, you cannot also help yourself to praise and be curious about someone who is still willing to play those defunct games on your Android mobile phone. A problem may happen though if you are less interested about learning something.

It’s a different story now though.

Before the story starts, there are certain guidelines that need to be respected. We’re still not clear about just how legal or illegal it is to download ROMs and you can even make one of your own. This is because everything is related to a licensing matter.

To help uphold the law, we are not going to post any link to the ROM sites that we already know about. We could not even give you clues about where to download the BIOS file from. Just treat this guide like how you would any guide that you read about psx4droid for Android phones.

Take note that as the readers and the one going to be executing all the actions in this guide, you are the one solely responsible for your actions and whatever happens after that.

Step 1: Download psx4droid as you’ve seen it on the Android market or from this website. There are high end Android phones that can help the game run smoothly, such as HTC Desire, Nexus One, or Samsung Galaxy S. However, the application is not yet a masterpiece which you can expect to get perfect results from. You have to be patient still.


Step 2: Download the file labelled “” from any website where you can find this BIOS file. Just use YouTube or Google for this search.

Bin psp emulator

Step 3: Prepare the ROM files in your PlayStation. To avoid any fuss, we’ll have to take it as though you are the owner of the original game and you just happen to have it copied for back-up.

Remember that while preparing your ROM, psx4droid is not compatible with MDF files, so it is best to just use IMG, ISO, BIN, and Eboot.

Rom games usa

Step 4: Connect your Android phone to the computer and create a folder for the file. You can name it whatever makes you remember it best. Save the BOS file and ROM files in the same folder and create another folder labelled “ROMs.”


Step 5: Boot up the new file of psx4droid and click on the PSX BIOS file option, then browse for the “PSX” folder that you just made. Click on .bin BIOS file then go back to the “Select ROM” part, explore the same folder that was made and choose a ROM.



Step 6: No, you can already play a PlayStation title on your Android phone.





PlayStation - PSVita